Welcome to aventadortuning.com, an informative website for Lamborghini Aventador enthusiasts who are seeking to optimize their vehicle’s performance. Because tuning seems to be a world full of debate, misinformation, and mystery, we have done our best to compile information from all over the web and put our personal experience out for everybody’s benefit.

Lamborghini Aventador vehicles are very responsive to ECU tuning. They are even more responsive to ECU tuning than hard parts. Achieving gains of 70+ horsepower, hard parts do not seem to be able to compete. Enthusiasts also need to consider that a tune will also enhance drivability, transmission efficiency, and even fuel economy.

As far as tuners, we have found the ECU Tuning Group of Ohio to be the best resource for questions our website does not answer for our visitors. Feel free to visit their site for more information.