About Tuning

Aventador Tuning is the most effective way to increase the performance of your Lamborghini Aventador. Tuning does not require hard parts or lengthy, complicated installations. Instead a highly trained tuner is able to flash your ECU with a very low risk of any type of mistake. Whether you intend to use your car in a comfortable or an aggressive way, an ECU tune will sharpen its overall drivability. Settings in both your engine and transmission will be changed, and in some cases, settings in the user interface are changed as well. The culmination of changes will make your vehicle everything the engineers intended for it to be.

While many forms of tunes exist in the market, an ECU tune will be able to optimize your vehicle’s mapping to achieve the perfect balance of performance and daily reliability. If the tune is done via plug in or handheld, the ECU is being tricked into thinking it is receiving difference signals for air, fuel, and spark than it actually is. While this does lead to an increase in power, it is from false readings and misinformation. An ECU tune will truly remap the ECU and change code within the computer to achieve power gains. For European vehicles that are engineered with very little room for variation, misinforming your computer is not the best method of achieving peak performance.

Here at aventadortuning.com, we have proudly partnered with the ECU Tuning Group of Ohio to make sure our visitors are well informed and taken care of. Between all the contributors to our site, we have tested multiple tunes from multiple companies on our own vehicles. Whether we are considering horsepower, drivability, reliability, or the tune as a whole, we are always most satisfied with the ECU Tuning Group of Ohio.